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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Faith of Christ in Paul’s Writings

In Paul’s undisputed writings, various phrases referring to faith of Jesus Christ appear seven times.[1]   While a literal translation for these phrases (pistis + genitive) using the words "faith of" is found in the King James Version, English translations common since the Protestant Reformation tend to translate these passages using the phrase "faith in" (Bassler 28).  For many, rallied by Luther’s doctrine of sola fide, there is little difference between "faith of Christ" and "faith in Christ."  But for a growing body of scholars the question of whether "faith of Christ" can justifiably be translated as "Christ’s faith" (a subjective genitive) has become a heated debate (Bassler 27).  For several reasons it appears that rendering these passages as referring to Christ’s own faith may be an acceptable interpretation. [Instructor’s Comment:  weak claim, which is ok]

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