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Every so often I find a little time to write outside of my school work and things find there way into this category.

Superman Returns

After a lackluster summer of blockbuster releases, I was thrilled to see the Man of Steel return to the big screen this weekend. With Bryan Singer directing, I figured that things would be great. And they were, though not in the way that I had expected.

I came away from the movie thinking about how Hollywood touches the lives of everyday people in ways that the Church cannot. But in the latest installment of the Superman saga, I see undercurrents of Jewish and Christian faith that resonate with me.

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Boyd’s bill discriminates against gays

INTRO: Recently Representative Scott Boyd of the Pennsylvania General Assembly introduced legislation to include an amendment in the state constitution to:

  1. define marriage as between a man and a woman, and
  2. outlaw any form of civil union or other legally recognized relationship identical to or substantially equivalent to marriage.

I’m angry… So I decided to write to the local paper:

Boyd’s bill discriminates against gays

Representative Scott Boyd says that proposed House Bill 2381 is not intended to deny anyone’s civil rights or discriminate against gay couples. But who is he trying to kid?

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