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Homosexuality & Scripture

Essays I wrote while I was trying to reconcile my sexuality with my Christian faith. Comments are welcome, but please pay attention to the dates when these were written. I’ve learned a lot since then…

The Homosexuality & Scripture "Cheat Sheet"

What you need to know in a nutshell…

Below I have assembled a brief summary of the passages of Scripture that are traditionally viewed as dealing with homosexuality. While it is my goal to write full articles for each one of them, many people have expressed interest in a short version that they can refer to now. Writing the full articles takes a lot of time – especially with all of the other things going on in life. So the short story is as follows:

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Angels Unawares

Sodom and Gomorrah revisited

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah deals with the destruction of a group of ancient city-states because of their great sin before God. But the case for a full-scale condemnation of homosexuals based on this story is not as airtight as one might think.

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Let’s start with… Canaan?

When I picked up that copy of The Gay Blade at the age of 14, I knew on an instinctive level that it somehow related to me. I hadn’t thought about that tract in a long time, but when I found it today in the Internet, I noticed something that I had not remembered…

It turns out that Jack T. Chick was on to something that I couldn’t possibly have understood at that time. But now, years later, with countless hours of Bible study and research under my belt, I’ve noticed for the first time that one thing in that pamphlet was true.

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A Little About My Own Quest for Truth

Growing up in a conservative, Southern Baptist home, the local church was an integral part of my life: Sunday school, Sunday morning worship, Sunday evening Bible study, Sunday night worship, Wednesday night prayer meeting, choir, Royal Ambassadors (the Southern Baptist equivalent of the Boy Scouts) and Vacation Bible School every summer. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior at the age of seven and was allowed to join the church after being thoroughly quizzed to make sure that I knew what I wanted. On Youth Sundays I taught Sunday school, played the piano and organ, and even preached once. My days were passed in a prayerful attitude and God was with me.

When I was 14 I had a single dream that should have told me I was somehow different. But based on the advice in the latest teen psychology books, I assured myself that any feelings that I was beginning to experience were a normal phase of male adolescence. That worked until I was 16 and came face to face with a real, live homosexual. My world turned upside down.
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