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Liturgical Theology

Reflections and a project from an independent study course. The reflections are based on the Worship Essentials: RED online course. The ecumenical baptismal affirmation service is the product of participating in both an multifaith seminary community and the diversity found in the Metropolitan Community Churches.

Affirmation of Baptism: An Order of Service

For my final project I have chosen to construct a liturgy for the Affirmation of Baptism. While the original context for this work was inspired by discussion around the need for such a service in the UFMCC, the liturgy could be used in any emerging church setting where people from multiple denominations have come together as a single congregation.

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Liturgical Theology: Session 2

What can we learn from the journey of the Church as it has embraced prayer and scripture reading as central activities in its worship experience?  Are we treating the scriptures in a healthy way in our integration of them into our worship expressions?  How can we facilitate prayer in fresh ways in our communities?

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