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Russian Gay Slang

Back when I was thinking about going for a masters degree in Slavic linguistics I put this essay together as a writing sample.  As slang changes very quickly in every culture, I make no claims to current accuracy…

Хочу мальчика, а кругом одни пидарасы…
(I want a boy, but all around there’s nothing but fags…)
Heard nightly at Chance, a Moscow gay club

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Letter from Akademgorodok

On October 2, 1993, I arrived at Sheremetovo-2 in Moscow, headed for a year-long stint in Novosibirsk as the first IREX "E-mail Fellow."  After clearing customs, I met Russian friends on the other side and we left Moscow for Vladimir, a provincial town located some three hours away.  The very next day we saw on television the chaos in the streets of Moscow as tanks fired on the White House and the "October Events" got underway.  During the first hours while the course of events was still uncertain, the Internet started to buzz with information from Russia as people around Moscow began to send messages to teleconferences, giving what information they were able to gather from the media and from outside their windows.  IREX/Moscow used e-mail to locate me in Vladimir and determine that I was alive and well.

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Saint Sergius of Radonezh

While cleaning out some old floppy disks I found this paper that I wrote in 1991 for an undergraduate Russian & Eastern Studies seminar on the Eastern Slavic Variant of Orthodox Culture.  Not particularly deep, but hey, what do you expect from a 22-year-old?

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