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Web Work

Reasonable rates for businesses.
Discounts for religious communities & nonprofits.

Though I’m engaged full-time with graduate study, I do some web work on the side. 

Churches and small businesses often need a little help with practical, down-to-earth advice and some basic training to keep a new site looking nice.

Looking for help that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg?  I can help you to:

  • Give your website its own feel, including rotating imagery and custom page banners
  • Integrate your website, Facebook fan page, and Twitter feed
  • Create internal calendars or integrate them from other services
  • Keep your email addresses hidden from spammers
  • Provide training for keeping your new site up to date and adding correctly sized pictures (no stretching, no pixelation)


 If you’d like to talk about a project, contact me with your interests.