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From the Peanut Gallery – Part 2

Well, while I’m updating the web site to include lots of new content, I figured I could, yet again, be less than modest and seek new insights from folks I’ve met since moving to Pennsylvania.

So here we go again:

From: "Bryce E. Rich"
To: undisclosed participant list
Subject: a small favor (2)
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 19:24:32 -0700
Could you please answer this question for me:

If you could describe me in only five single words or short phrases (3-5 words), what would you say?

There’s a reason, but I’ll tell you later.


And again, presented in the order in which they answered:


Andrea and I have gotten to be friends over the past year at the seminary.  Andrea is a great cook who loves to invite everybody over for a good meal.As a fellow-traveler in the MCC, Andrea is great about queer issues and gives me things to think about. intelligent
constantly searching
Jim and I started seminary at the same time.  We were in the same small group together through our first year as M.Div. students and have similar goals for Ph.D.’s and teaching in the future.Jim is a dreamer — the kind of person that it’s good to have around to keep from getting stuck in ruts.  He’s also a kind and sensitive man with a passion for the Church. Intelligent
I gave Jim the chance for another word, but didn’t hear anything…
I met Brian when I moved to Elizabethtown, PA.  A sweet and wonderful man, Brian is a great listener and a faithful friend.  We were roommates for a while before he moved off to Wilkes Barre.While living around Mr. Kiso, Brian discovered his love for cats and has since moved on to get several of his own. Updating your website?  I remember you had something like this posted on it a while back….. In no particular order……1.  Inquisitive
2.  Insightful
3.  Passionate
4.  Forward-thinking
5.  Genuine
Brian is also a bright man.  As you can see, he knew exactly what that email was for…
Marc and I have been through so much since I got to PA…  I met him when he showed up at Vision of Hope.  It wasn’t long after that we became roommates.  Marc makes me laugh — something that isn’t always easy to do.  And he’s my partner in crime when it comes to anything Hillsong.  (You should have seen us squealing like a couple of little girls when Marty showed up on stage unexpectedly in a worship service!) faithful – integrity – scholar – teacher – friend Giddyup! Oh, I forgot to mention that Marc is into cowboys and the rodeo…  Ride for 8!
Rachel is the faculty secretary at school.  Maybe it’s being a mother in her home life, but she’s really insightful about getting to the root of problems of interpersonal dynamics.  Whacky, fun…  Rachel also makes me laugh. intelligent
"Question authority! (then do exactly what it tells you)"
I had to ask Rachel about that last one.  She said it comes right out of the ENTP site description.  I had to differ.  Yep, I’ll follow the rules with a murmur, but rather than break the rules I often work to get them changed…
I am old…  I discovered this in the presence of Luke — a man with so much energy he could power a city block if they could figure out how to get a harness around him…Luke’s a seeker, with a head full of ricocheting ideas that make you want to duck and cover.  But he’s also a man with a big heart and a great sense of humor. geez.. this isn’t hard or anything5 single words to describe a dynamic, informative, crazy smart, logical, and well-read dude? impossible!

hope that helped. there’s plenty other words, those are what sprung to mind.


Rawk on, Luke!
Shortly after I arrived in PA I met Jeff at church.  We dated for a week, but he decided that I used too many big words, talked too much about the Bible and spoke Russian too much.  That didn’t work out…  but Jeff and I have remained friends.


And here I thought I’d gotten rid of the label "bitchy."  Well, thanks, Jeff, for bringing that out again…
On the first day of seminary, I sat at the same table as this woman with a pentacle in her ear and a head full of dreadlocks.  I asked if she was a UU (Unitarian Universalist) and confirmed my hunch.Malika is funky and fun.  She sees things in a different way and loves Hillsong too! intuitive, driven, authentic, generous, principlednot that these are the only five words that describe you – i’m just trying not to be trite or clichéd.


What can I say about Gary?  My partner in life for two and a half years, in the end we found that we couldn’t quite make that part work.  Alas, time is a healer of many things… and now on some Sunday mornings you may find us hanging out at St. Perkins, sharing breakfast in a holy space where we discuss life, politics and the never-ending quest for God… Driven, Intelligent, Focused, Articulate, OpinionatedCan’t live with ya;  Can’t live without ya!  Woe is Me! 😉
I met Marie when I went to apply for a help desk job.  Luckily she was willing to look past the gap in my resume and give me a chance to work.Marie is awesome!  As a supervisor she constantly looked for ways to inspire, encourage, and have fun at work.  Where else have you ever seen finger rockets in the workplace? Intelligent
I’m guessing this is something for school, but it could make a great "ego wall" 🙂 Hope you are doing well


Last summer a new, barefooted seminarian showed up on campus.  Rachael could often be seen sitting in the courtyard, reading, soaking up the sun and taking her meals.Here we are, nearly a year later, and we’ve become friends… In no particular order:brilliant
has high standards/expectations
loves to laugh

What would you say about me?

I find it funny that it take the INTP’s to always ask for a set of words back…
First came Andrea, and then the next year came her partner, Johnna!  From "West by God Virginia," Johnna is one of the huggiest people I know. world traveler
Kiso’s father
Battlestar Galactica Aficionado-lover of cylons and other creatures
Jesus’ Friend
Johnna loves Battlestar Galatica too!

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