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LTS Allies

May 18, 2013 marked another graduation day at Lancaster Theological Seminary, as well as the end(?) of the LTS Allies website.

While the Facebook fan page still exists and the seminary’s DSpace server still hosts a range of lectures and sermons from the event variously known as GLBT Week, LGBT Week, and Queer Week, the scanned copies of items found in the LTS physical archives are no longer available.

The Allies site was a labor of love whose time (at least for now) has passed.  As I prepare for my qualifying exams, I am no longer able to be primary curator and technical support.

However, should anyone at the seminary wish to revive the site in the future, I did make an archival copy that can be resurrected with hosting and the domain registration.


image of the first LTS Allies logo

The first LTS Allies logo

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